What’s for Dinner?

angry dragon eat food vore
Rule one of having a dragon for a roommate. Don’t upset the dragon. As for non comic related chat,  I’ve been playing Super Hexagon. The hexagonist level is driving me crazy.  I’m also going to write a review for Spelunky soon, a rogue platformer I actually like.

8 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Reblogged this on Maugryph's Blog and commented:
    I’m finally greenlighting this comic project with 3d models that I I’ve been working on and off on it for a year now. With my friends help, we will be making two comic strips a week featuring the adventures of two roommates. A irritable dragon and a hyperactive cheetah. Like my Harkenstone project I will be hosted on another blog, but I will reblog the posts to save myself from double posting everything. This comic has it’s own domain name. Alexandcruz.com

    • Thank you. I use Carrara and Hexagon for the morphs and clothing. Sketchup for the props and Stage. Daz Studio for importing all the figures and props, posing, lighting, and final renders. Then I make the comic in photoshop.

    • I went back to the line/toon rendering instead of the realistic rendering after we talked about it. I have to do it by hand and filters though, so it takes a little more time but we think it is worth it

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