Gotta Judge ’em All!

pokemon personality type

This week, I did this comic solo this week. I cheated a bit. Cruz would never play Pokemon because you can’t shoot people in it. I once had a girlfriend who’s sister was obsessed with Pokemon. She would tell you what Pokemon you where.  There where some interesting conversations when her sister was around.

7 thoughts on “Gotta Judge ’em All!

  1. There’s some great work on this blog. Really really funny. Interesting, too, to hear about all the various manifestations the characters have been/are going through. Thanks for visiting my place. “must..not..breathe…fire” – A line to remember. Brilliant!

  2. I like that line too. Must…not…breathe…fire. Now if WP would let me know when you have a new post via the reader……….some weird thing is going on there.

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