Duty is Calling

dragon book cheetah character illiterate

I miss the Barnes and Noble in my small town that was closed due to ‘lack of interest’. Although I  commonly read books on my iPad, its just not the same as having a physical copy in your hands. It feels strangely ‘fake’ using tablets and book readers . Like I’m not really reading. My friend Cruz dislikes me using the ‘B’ word in his presence, the word ‘book’. But then he reads graphic novels…  Hippo-crate (the question is how do they fit the hippo in the crate :P) – Alex the Dragon

43 thoughts on “Duty is Calling

  1. Totally with you on that one – I much prefer a physical book to a tablet. Although when it comes to travel or small apartments tablets are just too practical to turn down.

    Love your drawing/models/comics, they’re really cool!

  2. We lost a Borders in our town, which was crazy since it was a hotspot and full of Real Books. I get what you say about the “fake” books. Thanks for your post!

  3. I gave someone a book for Christmas & his partner said “Oh, but he has a Kindle now” as though that meant he was no longer capable of turning pages 😦 Nice artwork, will keep checking in.

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