Alex 3d Model WIP

anthro dragon humanoid male with red frills

The new 3d model of Alex . Still a WIP, but good enough to start doing tests and comics with. He is closer to the original design I did over a year ago I returned his skin color to a yellowish orange, and added the red fills that I was to lazy to do with the last model. I shortened his snout to make his expressions easier to read. I did a short talking animation test. I will upload that shortly.  Cruz is also ready, I will upload screenshots of the new model as well.


3 thoughts on “Alex 3d Model WIP

  1. Reblogged this on Maugryph and commented:

    To be honest, I hated the first model I did of alex> I screwed up the mouth morphs. The uvs sucked . And it had some nasty polygons all over the thing.
    I am much happier with this model as it resembles my concept art more closely.

  2. good to see the stretch into 3d rendering….. remember seeing the work on 3d and how the code was written out by hand to create the shapes. now you can build with a program, i hope? on cruz i pictured his head a little more rounded and friendly in opposition to the stark angles of alex……. didn’t i see a show recently that was like america’s top cooks but it was animators competing? but can’t remember the name…..

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