Alex Concept art (For the Sunday Funnys)

dragon anthro furry male pos

I am currently in the process of creating new models for Alex and Cruz. I did this painting to see where I could push the character. I painted over a render of the older model. The original model I had created was difficult to animate. I had a load of trouble with getting expressions on the face to read accurately. Alex’s white skin made it difficult to stand out in many scenes. It was also very boring color for a dragon. I changed it to yellow. I love frills on a dragon, so I finally put them on Alex’s model, something I wanted to do in the first place. The face is more blunt and pointed, this is done so his expressions a more readable. I removed the horns on the artwork but added them back on the model. I thought little wings would be cool, but then realized how dorky they look. So I didn’t add them.

I didn’t make concept art for Cruz. JD was at my house the other day, he basically watched me for 3 hours creating the model’s face, giving me input on what he wanted (A very bad way to design I must admit, its better to do concept art and sketches first)

The new WIP versions of Alex and Cruz are good enough to began using in the comic. Also I will be uploading my first lip sync animation that was animated by hand.

As I mentioned, Alex and Cruz is a big project and is constantly evolving.

4 thoughts on “Alex Concept art (For the Sunday Funnys)

  1. I find what you do really inspring, it´s great! And I love your fun dragon characters 😉 Could you please tell me what software you use? Do you use ZBrush and Maya? As I plan to do some 3 d-models and animation of some of my (hand-crafted) creatures as well one day, I´d be very thankful for your information.

    • When I stared I was using Carrara and Hexagon for the models, morphs, and clothing and then Daz Studio for setting up the scene. But I took a class this semester that used Cinena 4D. I made my first monster with that 3d app I will probably continue with that. Also I am learning to use Mudbox and Blender.

      • ah , I see, thanks for your information 😉 Yes, Blender, Mudbox and Cinema 4D are familiar to me, but there seems to be a myriad of tools one can use. I find your ideas and work really great!

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