The Cast of Alex and Cruz

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Promotional Poster art for Alex and Cruz featuring the cast.  Why I have Cruz holding a levitating cactus pickle, I do not know. There are still some work needed on certain models, but they are good enough to be greenlighted for now.

The Cast from left to right:

Roger – A macho green dragon. The current antagonist. A bully with a monstrous ego to match.
Chip (Working name) – He is a alligator.  Shy and with low self esteem. Wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Cruz – A rambunctious  and eccentric cheetah. Careless. Does things on a whelm. Close friend and roommate to Alex
Marty – A sickeningly jolly unicorn.
Alex – A grumpy and irritable Dragon. The Straight Guy. Forever burdened to getting Cruz out of trouble. Close friend and roommate to Cruz.
Sally – A gryphon, and the foil of Alex and Cruz’s schemes.


12 thoughts on “The Cast of Alex and Cruz

  1. I am so enjoying these fantastic characters! Really looking forward to future adventures. Thanks. Just one comment that I hope you take as helpful (int the spirit it is given) – there is a spelling typo in Cruz’s description (carless vs careless)…unless he is one of those admirable folk who do indeed go without cars!

  2. Well! Normally when I tag something as photography, I get a bunch of new likes based on people only wanting to promote their own photo blog. I know you are also promoting – nothing wrong with that! – but I actually am a big ol geek, so I want to see more. Yay for networking! I hope you do stop in and comment every now and again, too 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your site and your characters! I’ve been hooked on my favorite characters for over three decades and counting…I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Alex and Cruz. Beautiful!

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